The documentary of the life, work and art of Bill Rauhauser is being released in DVD format. It is a wonderfully engaging biography and a record of Rauhauser's photography, capturing the process of his artistic vision. Interviews of Detroit Institute of Art curators, educators from Michigan's finest colleges, gallery owners, artists, and personal friends and family provide an in depth understanding of the significance of Rauhauser's photography as well as his importance to the Detroit art community.

The documentary was produced by Mary Desjarlais and directed by Michael Desjarlais. Michael Desjarlais has been an independent documentarian for over twenty years, having worked on Cannes Film Festival award winning film Fahrenheit 911 and Oscar winner Bowling for Columbine. His work was recognized again when the League of Ordinary Gentlemen won the Audience Choice Award at the South-by-Southwest Film Festival.
Coming Soon!
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