"Beauty on the Streets" of Detroit showcases the small homes of this great city. Forgotten homes from neighborhoods that have been eliminated for modernization, city growth, and in more recent years from urban neglect, are remembered in black and white glossy full page photographs by the celebrated photographer Bill Rauhauser who is known for his street photography in Detroit. The history of homes built in this 300 year old city and its real estate market was written by Mary Desjarlais. This history covers the city's small houses, their owners and neighborhoods, architectural styles, construction methods, and the development of the real estate practice in the city. This book is a must for anyone interested in the city of Detroit or architectural history. "Detroit Revisited" is primarily an artistic expression of the city of Detroit during the 20th century. The book consists of an introductory history of Detroit in the twentieth century by Mary Desjarlais; a selection of photographs of the city of Detroit during the early 1900s by the photographer John Baldwin Thomas; a second selection of photographs taken by Bill Rauhauser during mid-century of the city; a third selection of photographs taken by Gene Meadows at the end of the century. Detroit Revisited is a quality fine art book of both historical and art historical interest. At least 80 percent of the images have never been published. For historians this provides a new pictorial study of the city. This book offers a nostalgic glimpse at the ever-changing face of Detroit, both its architecture and its people. "Bob-Lo Revisited" is a beautifully produced collection of 100 photographs of one of America's most unique and unforgettable amusement parks. Unique because it sat on an island in the Detroit River and required a steamship ride to get there and back again-- and alive in fond memories because it meant fun and adventure outside the confines of city life for thousands of urban dwellers during most of the twentieth century. These pages of black and white photos, elegantly reproduced as duotones, capture the fun, romance, amusement rides, big boats, and nostalgic atmosphere of a beloved park and a bygone time. The book includes a history, written by Martin Magid, of Bob-Lo Island's colorful life as refuge and playground to citizens of both the US and Canada for over 100 years.
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